Targa 1/2 Tank Cover

(Black Vinyl / Flannel Backing)

Honda CBR600F4 1999 - 2000

Tank Cover Price - $49.95

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  27-132 CBR600F3 Targa Tank Cover Cabon Vinyl Close Up

Carbon Vinyl Texture Close-Up

TARGA Premium Carbon Black Vinyl Tank Covers:

TARGA tank covers are custom designed and tailored for each model to insure a perfect fit. The Targa tank covers are constructed of Automotive-Grade Black Carbon Textured Vinyl. Ideal for the rider that wants to protect the tank from wear and tear. Protect your tank from belt buckles, zippers and leg abrasions from where your knees rub on the side of the tank.


  • Perfect Fit
  • Soft Non-Scratch Backing
  • Black Carbon Texture Automotive Grade Vinyl
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Will Last for Years
  • Does not require the gas tank to be unbolted for installation
  • Designed by TARGA Accessories Inc.